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The fog rolled in

Hi there birding friends

If you were on the island or in the area looking at all the birds, you couldn’t help but feel the fog hanging over the waters and muffling their song just a bit in the morning.

The trees seemed to love the fog, and except for a couple of sick fruit trees, our orchard is looking great with the Orioles and the Warblers competing with the indigo buntings for the spoils on the ground. It is simply superb to sit and listen to the sounds of the world.

Ms. Ellen has planted some broccoli, lettuces, spinach, cabbage and herbs. We are excited to have the time to properly plant the foundational garden that will bring forth so much food for us. We have some tomato plants and radishes, carrots, and so much to share with you over the season.

Ms ellen brought Petey and Intern. His name is Griff and he is learning all the ins and outs of being a brewery orchard dog. He is just a baby and so cute so training is all that we can concentrate on right now. He is such a great dog, we look forward to having him with us on our adventure this season in business.

Two beers will be ready to fill your growler this weekend. Call Patti to make arrangements if you want Island Devil or Dawg Bizkit Brown. We will not be open, but we can fill your growlers, give us a call 4196564335

We have some merchandise on sale and when we open June 6 you can start to buy digital gift cards and order for your groups online, or reserve a table for your group online too.

Thank you for your patience as we transform to a new way to serve our customers and keep ourselves and employees safe. We look for solutions and know that as the season evolves and more people travel we will make the adjustments needed. Thank you for your kindness during all of these years.

Patti Doug and Petey

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