Something Old and New

Hello brew friends. Thank you for tuning into our updated website. We are excited about what is new, and what we are bringing back that seem to be your faves.

Our events are going to start April 22 with our second Bio blitz. In honor of Earth Day. Our resident teacher extraordinaire, Ellen, and her sidekicks will supply the microscopes, the experiments and the science while we serve up some healthy and some decadent treats for your family. If you don’t have a family, just come on down and you can have some of ours. We usually have a couple extras around, that need some love.

During the Bio Blitz there will be testing on water quality, algae components, and overall local species identification. The Birders will also be joining us with a presentation and great resources for our growing population of travelers that find our birding to be exceptional at the island. Details to follow.

And speaking of love, we think you are going to love our new porter. It is named Deckhand Porter, and its brew date is also opening weekend. Come down and see the new ingredients and style that is going to be a new favorite on the island, we are sure.

One new thing for this season is our Brewery tour. Each day, a staff member will lead a tour ‘through’ the brew process and point out the cutting edge, and the old fashioned tools that Doug uses to make some of the best hand crafted beers in Ohio. You will also get ‘our brewing story,’ a history of the business and the equipment and what led us to become one of the smallest breweries in the country. Get your picture taken, taste all or just a few of the offerings, and enjoy the grounds of the KIB. From the native limestone outside bar to the expansive yard, the brewery tour is a way to enjoy a slice of what KI has to offer. Please make reservations as early as possible. Limited daily availability. or 419-656-4335.

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