Anniversary Ale

STYLE: A light Belgian Style Ale

NUMBERS: Avg. ABV- 3.5% | O.G.-1.040 | F.G. 1.010 | I.B.U. 18 AVG.

BODY: Light

FLAVOR: Light malt with spice plum/clove. Finishing Semi-Dry

AROMA: Light malt with hints of spice plum/clove

TARGET AUDIENCE: Lite beer fans that want to try a craft brew.

Anglers Ale

STYLE: An English-bitter Style Ale

NUMBERS: Avg. ABV-5.5% | O.G.-1.048 | F.G-1.012 | I.B.U. 21 AVG

BODY: Medium

FLAVOR: Medium caramel malt with a hop presence, finishing hoppy and semi-dry

AROMA: Malty with caramel notes and lightly hopped

TARGET AUDIENCE: The person seeking a pale ale, somewhere between a brown ale and an IPA and of course our friends from the UK.

Dawg Bizkit Brown

STYLE: An American Nut Brown Ale

NUMBERS: Avg ABV. 5.5% | O.G.-1.048 | F.G.-1.01 | I.B.U. 20 AVG

BODY: Medium Full

FLAVOR: Roasted caramel and barley with a hint of chocolate. Finishing dry.

AROMA: Sweet and malty with traces of hop

TARGET AUDIENCE: The person that loves full body brews without committing to a high gravity stout.

Island Devil

STYLE: A Belgian Style Ale

NUMBERS: Avg ABV. 7% | O.G.-1.070 | F.G-1.012 | I.B.U 21 AVG.

BODY: Medium Full

FLAVOR: Roasted Caramel malt with plum spice and clove notes. Finishing semi-dry.

AROMA: Malty and sweet with clove hints

TARGET AUDIENCE: The name says it all.

Devil’s Shadow

STYLE: An American Stout

NUMBERS: Avg ABV 6.5% | O.G-1.068 | F.G-1.010 | I.B.U-49.2 AVG

BODY: Medium Full

FLAVOR: Lightly roasted barley with chocolate and plum notes. Finishing semi-dry

AROMA: Roasted barley/chocolate with plum notes

TARGET AUDIENCE: Bold Brew Lovers.

The Finisher

STYLE: An American IPA

NUMBERS: Avg ABV 6.5% | O.G. 1.068 | F.G. 1.012 | I.B.U.-59.5 AVG

BODY: Medium Full

FLAVOR: Hoppy and crisp with malt hints. Finishing dry.

AROMA: Hoppy/citrus

TARGET AUDIENCE: Serious Hop Head only!

Gale Force Ale

STYLE: An American IPA

NUMBERS: Avg ABV. 5.8% | O.G. 1.058 | F.G. 1.014 | I.B.U. 45.5 AVG

BODY: Medium Full

FLAVOR: Mildly hopped with citrus and malt notes. Finishing semi dry.

AROMA: Hoppy with citrus notes

TARGET AUDIENCE: The person looking for the mildly hopped brew that has all day drinkability.

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