Scavenger Hunt Fun

Small companies all over are looking for activities that promote team building and experiences for their growing supportive environments. Profit can be generated in many ways but companies that have cohesive workers are twice as likely to meet quotas.

Our scavenger hunt at the Kelleys Island Brewery was able to take a group of 34 executives and put them through fun exploration with experiential challenges that encourage a team of employees some real life skills to problem solve in a cohesive nature.

The team at Feukerberger from Findlay arrived after a great day of office meetings. After day two of a five day conference, how would you want to spend time with your peers than through a trip to an island for a fun scavenger hunt. How about a boat ride, a beer tasting and a golf cart ride with appetizers, dinner and dessert. The scavenger hunt highlights favorite stop ins and natural and architectural highlights.

If you are interested in hosting one for your group…contact Patti at 419-656-4335

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