Here comes Halloween

What happened to Fall? It seemed like last week we did an amazing Poker Paddle for Pooches. Even though the weather was not sunny or pleasant, the hearty kayakers showed up and played games for our charity in Port Clinton, Island House Animal Sanctuary. Our animal this year was saved in eight days and now in a restoration phase of health in one of the finest organizations I have ever seen. Thank you for your help in supporting causes that are so important in this world. Our returning kayakers were happy with all the activities on the island, the sales at the stores and all of the autumn love that surrounds us on the island.

After that weekend, the time flies like the winds and we breezed through October with the usual events that make us even more grateful to run a business on Kelleys island. Oct 8 was our seventeenth Octoberfest and was a sell out again this year. We have our menu down to five items (your favorites) and we make it all fresh from 1-4 PM. Although the way we serve the foods, and some of the offerings have changed, our supporters enjoyed the sauerkraut balls, the bratwurst casserole and the German potato salad immensely. With Weinershnitzel and cabbage, it is the perfect big meal on a fall day to get you ready for whatever big game is in the future. We had a small alternative menu that seemed to be a hit this year too.

Our chili cook off was peppered (haha) with so many Indians and Buckeye bling, it was hard to find the soup line. Having pints for $4 this year seemed to help the chili entries and the judges have more to say about the competition . the ballots were quite detailed with likes and dislikes. Put it on your calendar next year, especially you local chili gods, we need some new competition. We had a first time entry win, (#8) Mark O and a commercial brand win most original (#1), GFS. The Chili God’s choice was #2, our very own Jeff Effron, who was not present to win his crown (just kidding you get a certificate). The beautiful Katie won for white with #11 and #9, the Bear family recipe from the memorial in April, won Vegetarian.

We want to invite all of you to make ten quarts of your best and freeze it-and enter it next year (Oct 14), or better yet make a weekend of it and bring yours Hot the day of by noon. Enter by email at and we will send reminders this year. Thank you for all the years of Love at this event. This year we raised $700 for the ALS Foundation of Northwest Ohio, in memory of Ken Jannsen. A brewery family and the Chili god’s son. If you work for an organization that would like to be considered for next years event, please contact me about it.

Our beers have been raved about this year. Our Island Devil and Devil Sahadow and Gale Force Ale (IPA) have been our biggest sellers with our handcrafted fans and still have the popular Anniversary Ale for the ‘light’ beer drinkers. This year Doug will be developing a porter, so stay tuned for that.

October is also our wedding anniversary (ten this year) so we got we got to run into Cleveland and feel the vibe of the big sports season. So great to see the changes and although old haunts were just missing (thanks for the Wilbert’s reminder, Erin) seeing all the vibrant neighborhoods and the young people, you realize that change is inevitable and how you adapt to that change is your success.

We got back to the island just in time for our Kids Halloween party. After the bumpkins raided the Bag the moon they came down for a costume parade, a craft, a guessing game and a treat. We love to share our island memories with all the families and thank you for sharing your kids with us!!

After closing on the 30th, the following weekend we will be celebrating my dad’s 90th birthday with our sunshines on Nov 5 and 6. We will then vote and go on to our next season in life.

This winter we have some great menu plans, outdoor facelifts and great entertainment to book. We hope you stay in touch by e mail and on facebook. We love to hear your comments.

If you have any group needs for private parties, beer tastings with appetizers or any special non profit scavenger hunts for g=team building or fund raising, please have your organization phone me at 419-656-4335.

As always, we look forward to seeing you. Feel the Love and thank you for a great season.

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