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Love is on any shelf

When February hits the stores, it seems that Love ,the word, is on any shelf you may walk by. 

My Crusoe (the famous Dachshund) calendar has him in a tuxedo with a rose in his mouth, red of course, a symbol of undying love. I feel the same way about him.

In this cold season of Covid…. many endure, and some travel… to places to find solace away from cloudy days.  

It is in these months that the brewery begins its season, finding the fresh ingredients for beers and the right items for the menus.  Organizing parties and renters for the season , and recruiting a team 

The beers that Doug will be brewing this year will be the Island Devil, the Dawg Bizkit Brown, the Anglers Ale , Dockhand Porter, Gale Force and Anniversary Ale.

We plan to implement some of your suggestions this season, so please come down and help further our expansion by finding something you love at the KIB.

Speaking of love, we are working on breakfasts you love.  Our kitchen is taking on a new vibe but as we have for 32 years, we plan to offer a breakfast [that is worth the trip over].

What do we love more than beer and breakfast:  our customers , supporters and friends…  many of you have reached out and helped us stay afloat and survive the changes.  We rise to the challenge  to be able to be masked, covid comfortable, smaller and more efficient.  We plan to continue operations in this way.

What we will have to offer you and your families will be some of the most unique and fun items that you can find on an island.

Our wedding and event dates are filling up.  If you would like to rent the brewery for your family event or non profit event, please contact us as soon as possible.  

We will also have the second edition of our Scavenger Hunt.  This one will be conducive for groups and we have a few dates left for your party of 50 or more.

Overcoming a worldwide pandemic and surviving..There is much to celebrate…distancing..masking but always celebrating memories on the south shore of Kelleys Island.

Are we there Yet???

Kelleys Island Brewery has a great creative journey ahead of it. Doug and I are making plans that will take us to a level that we think the island will be able to support for the next 22 years. We thank you for your continued sustenance of our business. Each time that you walk in our door or up to our window matters to us. . Seeing your faces this summer was more important than words can convey.

This winter we will be recruiting employees, marketing locally and beyond, filling our cottage with happy renters and writing stories that bring people to our shores to share in the unique home we call Kelleys Island.

We meet people from all over the country and they are always intrigued about our little place in the middle of Lake Erie. A story of a little brewery that still makes beer from grain and 3 other ingredients, 200 gallons at a time.

In addition to filling our rentals, and the plans we make to fill our tanks, we will be writing a new Scavenger Hunt, with many of last year’s participants additions. It is a unique way to interact with the island and put your own twist on an outside activity. Thank you for your exuberance and finding the treasure that is Kelleys.

This year we will be adding a Second Act to the Scavenger Hunt. Stay tuned. It will be a game that you and your friends will love…we hope.

We plan to come up the first week of boats and get beer in the tanks earlier than ever before.

Stay tuned for menus, entertainment and lots of opportunities for good times.

Want to rent us for your private event ? Give me an e mail at islandpj419@gmail.com

We have some fun families planning their reunions already. Limited dates, so give me a call.

Happy New Year….Cheers from Patti and Doug

A new way going forward

Hello Friends and Supporters! We hope you’re hungry and thirsty for some Island memories at the Kelleys Island Brewery. We’re looking forward to safely serving you starting June 6th! Take a look at our info below.

Please see our attached menu for this season.Island Devil and Dawg Dawg Bizkit Brown will be on tap this weekend.

Please check in at the window and receive a seating ticket. You will then walk to the front of the building and enter through the only open fence.


Saturday: 8-8
Sunday: 8-5
Mon-Wed:11-3 (These days will be take-out only with a limited menu).
Thurs-Fri: 8-5

Extra Island Experience:
Looking for a fun island adventure? Pick up a new 2020 scavenger hunt!

You can purchase yours at the check-in window every day for $5.00. Use your entry as a coupon for $5 off KIB products. You will also be put into a weekly drawing for KIB merchandise prizes!

Thank you for safely supporting our family business. See you soon!

The fog rolled in

Hi there birding friends

If you were on the island or in the area looking at all the birds, you couldn’t help but feel the fog hanging over the waters and muffling their song just a bit in the morning.

The trees seemed to love the fog, and except for a couple of sick fruit trees, our orchard is looking great with the Orioles and the Warblers competing with the indigo buntings for the spoils on the ground. It is simply superb to sit and listen to the sounds of the world.

Ms. Ellen has planted some broccoli, lettuces, spinach, cabbage and herbs. We are excited to have the time to properly plant the foundational garden that will bring forth so much food for us. We have some tomato plants and radishes, carrots, and so much to share with you over the season.

Ms ellen brought Petey and Intern. His name is Griff and he is learning all the ins and outs of being a brewery orchard dog. He is just a baby and so cute so training is all that we can concentrate on right now. He is such a great dog, we look forward to having him with us on our adventure this season in business.

Two beers will be ready to fill your growler this weekend. Call Patti to make arrangements if you want Island Devil or Dawg Bizkit Brown. We will not be open, but we can fill your growlers, give us a call 4196564335

We have some merchandise on sale and when we open June 6 you can start to buy digital gift cards and order for your groups online, or reserve a table for your group online too.

Thank you for your patience as we transform to a new way to serve our customers and keep ourselves and employees safe. We look for solutions and know that as the season evolves and more people travel we will make the adjustments needed. Thank you for your kindness during all of these years.

Patti Doug and Petey

Walks around the neighborhood

Hello friends. As most of you understand, there is a newfound bittersweet grief here in our condo we shared with dad for the last 18 years. It is a ‘southern home’ bought in the 1980s and preserved for a beautiful end of an incredible life. I am working on the edits to dad’s book that he found last Christmas and Doug is remodeling his living room. The new room will have Jay’s corner, so if we are blessed with company, there is a reading chair and his favorite books, a globe and a snack bowl for them to enjoy. And it may be where you find me on certain evenings.

Dad used to walk Park Meadows everyday, just like he did his island trip. From Woodrose to Parkmeadows to 41 to Brantley to Summerlin and home. He would come in the door with different items. “Look what I found on my hike!” He would exclaim. There would be a bobber or a gift card that was trashed, and he would want to find its rightful owner. “I got in my two miles today,” as he reached for his Hershey’s Miniature. He would always find and eat his favorites from a variety pack; he never left a wrapper anywhere, and always shared it “fair and square with my buddy bud bud.”

Those Jay walks and so many other reasons make me feel so close to this community after 35 years. Even though we lost our neighbor of all of those years last January (RIP MS. BARBARA), I still think of her every time I walk by that fence of hers. This year on our walks with Petey, we have attracted a friend who Doug has adorably named Lefty. You can imagine the large Muscovy Duck following Doug home, much to Petey’s dismay. He limps over every morning for breakfast, oats, of course. We hide it from the neighbors the best we can. After our morning walks, Petey and I settle in to the desk area for some adventures in the office. Whether it is parties for next year or people curious about BEER CAMP, we set up the computer for all kinds of writing. If you haven’t heard about beer camp, check out our website at www.kelleysislandbrewpub.com . We also have our rentals listed on kelleysisland.com. The Lakeside cottage will have a short term rental this season, so for those that have been waiting, let’s get you in the calendar. Our main goal for this month is to get the edits done and the query packet to an agent the first week in January. Look at it This Way, will be a reality soon.

Kelleys Island Brewery 2020 operations are in the planning stages. We are looking for 5-8 employees that are wanting to work the morning or afternoon shift. Anyone interested in our PM shifts, please call me directly. We have a lot of experience working with flexible schedules and if you would like to work part time this summer, we are able to give Kelleys LIfe readers priority for their shifts, after returning employees of course. Working with some of our past employees and new financial dreamers is a reason to give us an e mail or a call and we can talk about the way that you can fit on our team of people that produce and serve some excellent food and OUR OWN CRAFT BREW on the South shore of Kelleys Island.

Kelleys Island Brewery has been a destination on Lake Erie since 1999. 2020 will be our 60TH SEASON IN CONSECUTIVE FAMILY BUSINESS. There is a lot to celebrate. I better get busy.

Our last day of operations will be Sept 29

Hello friends,

We have a few things we need to let you know about this season.

Our last day of operations will be Sunday, September 29.

Our October events and operations will be closed. Our family will be going through some transitions with the property and adapting some things for our future.

We have had the honor or having our events picked up by other island businesses so that the visitors and our friends can carry on our island traditions. We will see you at them all, we hope.

Peepers will be hosting the Chili Cook off. The Kelleys Island Wine Company will host the Kids Halloween Contest and Octoberfest will be sponsored by the Caddy Shack Buckeye Bar and the Island House.

I want to thank those that have extended their time to listen, to pray and to talk about all the things on the island that mean so very much to our family and the reason that we do business here. To the ladies from the Chamber to the Church to all of our friends across the miles.

This fall, we met with one wonderful company that delivers medicines at low prices, these are real professionals.

To live here is a privilege, and Jay is 92. His health and the end of life will dictate our future and the business will adapt and continue on in his presence and his absence.

It has been an honor to hear from so many of you that care about us, and want to know what to do to help. By carrying on our traditions and our love of the island Fall season, you are honoring our business and Jays legacy.

Thank you so much.

Patti, Doug, Jay and Petey

We’re going back to Kelleys, to Kelleys, to Kelleys…

Hello friends

We will be returning to the south shore of KI very soon.

This season is our 20th as a Brewery and Jay’s 59th in consecutive BUSINESS. We love to see your pictures of the Dairy Isle, the Island Cafe, the Island Cottage and any other stand you have us at over the years. These memories and our work and your support is what has evolved into the present day Kelleys Island Brewery.

We are bringing you some of your favorite things:

Pints for Paws is back every Friday starting May 3—check it out and make sure you come have one or two to support our favorite sanctuary. This year there will be a twist. Come bring your pupper and let us meet and greet. We will take a video and have a story of the week. Special guest stars will be appearing this season. Don’t have a pup? Then come and hang out with ours.

Breakfast Nachos and Breakfast Burritos will be making a return on our Rotating Specials Board

Our new Kitchen Manager Jeremiah will be working hard to learn some of Doug’s recipes and bring us the best FRESH FOODS


Paired with your favorite craft ale or LAKESHORE COCKTAILS-we are looking forward to showing you all of our celebrations for the season.

Don’t forget the BIOBLITZ AND THE BLESSING OF THE BREWERY.April 20 and April 27
And this year May 4-Derby Day we will also be hosting a STAR WARS TRIVIA AND CONTEST PARTY. 7 to 10 Pm after the race, come down and show off your knowledge.

The MC will be a treat, and there will be many more.

Our team is rounding out quite nicely, and very diverse. If you are interested in a FLEX job for the summer, please email us at islandpj419@gmail.com.

Cheers from our home to yours.

Patti Doug Petey and Jay

BioBlitz – Happy Earth Day 2018

“WHAT IS A BIOBLITZ?”  It is a current scientific gathering of data to identify species local to the community

Many neighbors and friends joined Ms. Ellen and friends (Penny, Celia, Bobbi Jo and Chris, Dawn, Jodie Jim and Diane) for coffee and a trip to the North Pond.  Whether you were carrying a clipboard, taking pictures, being an identifier or carrying jars of specimens, there was plenty to do on both shores of Lake Erie. The kids were eager to explore and the adults enjoyed the talk by Pat Hayes of the Audobon Society.  Chris from the State Park joined the group and great updates were shared.

Before the group met for lunch at 11 AM at the Kelleys Island Brewery, there was time to pick up trash and assist the work of Jeff and Josh from the IH clean up crew.  Thank you for all you do. Roxeanne, your food was so awesome….thank you for sharing.

The aquatic specimens from the beach and the lunch special gave the kids time with the microscopes and the adults time with the smooth craft beers from the new taps.  Doug and Tim have been busy creating ideas for Ohio Craft Beer Week, June 9-16.

The walls and new look provided by Candice and company is exciting to show off.   Our color is ‘from te heart’ and is sure to help you ‘feel the love’ in our 30th years as a breakfast place.  Our crew will be in charge of some more events planned that are new this year so stay tuned to our blog on the website and Facebook.  Might want to put aside Earth Day 2019 on your calendar.  It will be another Bioblitz…..Come track the island with us…….

We are always looking for pictures, so someday when you stop down, take some shots and share with us.  We appreciate your perspective!!!

We found some great additions to the menu at the show

Sarukraut Balls and Sirachi Cheese balls are a go

Along with Roast beef hash and handbaked French Toast.

We will have pancakes for the kiddos and hopefully some puzzles and books for their hands.

2nd Peek at Spring

Hi Brewery and Family Friends,

This article for our local paper is always our second peek at Spring. This year has sure been a tough one on our Northern friends. It has had its bumps for us also. We have been busy in our business and family life preparing for a return to the island where Spring will be in full bloom by the time we arrive. We won’t be open until the 21st of April, just in time for the 3rd Annual Bio Blitz-An Earth Day celebration of connection to our surroundings through species and ecological discovery. Ms. Ellen and other science teachers will be on hand to help our young ones identify fossils, planktons and water species. Beer specials all weekend.

Our second weekend open (April 28) will be Blessing of the Brewery where we will be asking you for poems, lyrics and haikus for us to publish in readying for the 2018 season. Be sure to come enjoy some BEER BINGO from 4-6 PM.

We will also be having a Mothers Day Girls Weekend May 11-13 with wine and beer tasting, yoga and some creative time.

The Brewery is going to have a few additions of our re-branded labels placed on the walls. These images, designed by Doug and brought to us by Tim Adkins has brought a great visual to the brewery that will be available on merchandise throughout the season. Also this year we will be offering growlers again, so stay tuned.

Our Food Menus are coming together nicely with some old and some new, rounding out our three meals. Our coffee, dessert and appetizer menu is improving each year and our catering for small and large groups has been exceptional in the planning stages. The island is the perfect backdrop for birthday and special occasions and it sounds like some of the weddings this season are going to be outstanding.

We will be bringing back the cowboy. Jay has survived 2 more hospitalizations and has impressed his therapists, doctors and nurses with his hopes and his strength. Doug has been our steady helper and best friend to him, my Rock and my Love. Our team this year will be even more motivated than last in giving of themselves to fully realize our dream of the KIB. We thank you so much in advance for being part of our family business.

Coming home to our island always gives us HOPE. This Homecoming will be less euphoric than many as we adjust to our new lives and to the loss of one of the greatest humans I have ever met. To the Ahner family, each and every one of you, it is my absolute honor to know and carry on his island vision. We love you deeply.

Working in a seasonal life as we do, it is easier to understand how short life is. I thank you for spending some of the best of your days on an island at a little brewery, enjoying one of the best views there is.

The First Peek at Spring in our Hearts

Leaving Kelleys each November is always bittersweet. Sweet because we are tired and want to leave and be restored so that we can come back and do it again. Bitter because it is hard to leave your home and the people that help you remember what that means.

“Home is where your Heart is” was one of my mom’s favorite expressions. We have it sewn into two pillows in the home that was built by a German immigrant named Godfried Schock. His wife Mary worked for my parents at the ice cream stand and these are some of my first memories of our business family home that has grown exponentially in these years since 1960.

Leaving this year was a little more difficult. Dad had a brush with death on August 7 and recovery from it had changed us all. Since then, more has happened than we could imagine but change, my friends, is what we are all being called to do, in one form or another.

We are excited to have Team Brewery returning in 2018. Our multi-national team of young newbies and old service veterans will be taking our little brewery by the lake to new places.

What’s new for 2018??

First we have decided to increase brew productions an offer our beer in cool growlers to go, giving our visitors another fun souvenir to take home and shares with their friends.

We hope to have a new outdoor look…details coming.

Our foods are in development stage. We take your favorites and add them to trends and creative comforts to offer a craft breakfast, lunch, and dinner that matches our small batch family-friendly, lakeview brewery.

Coming home to the new lights downtown and all the businesses surrounding them, and serving the families that will enjoy the place we call home, is the sweetest part of the return.

See you soon,

Patti, Doug, Jay and Petey

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