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Island Devil

ABV 7% IBU: 21

A Belgian Style Ale. Roasted Caramel malt with plum spice and clove notes. Finishing semi-dry. Malty and sweet with clove hints.

Dawg Bizkit Brown

ABV 5.5% IBU: 20

An American Nut Brown Ale. Roasted caramel and barley with a hint of chocolate. Finishing dry. Sweet and malty with traces of hop.

Anglers Ale

ABV 5.5% IBU: 21

An English-bitter Style Ale. Medium caramel malt with a hop presence, finishing hoppy and semi-dry. Malty with caramel notes and lightly hopped.

Dockhand Porter

ABV 7% IBU: 35

An American Porter Stout. Rich roasted malt with chocolate notes finishing semi dry. Malty with chocolate notes.

Gale Force

ABV 5.8% IBU: 45

An American IPA. Mildly hopped with citrus and malt notes. Finishing semi dry Hoppy with citrus notes.

Anniversary Ale

ABV 3.5% IBU: 18

A light Belgian Style Ale. Light malt with spice plum/clove. Finishing Semi-Dry. Light malt with hints of spice plum/clove.

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