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Summer Haze

An American Wheat Beer.
ABV: 4% O.G.: 1.045 F.G.: 1.012 I.B.U.: 17
Color: Hazy strawberry blond
Body: This classic American wheat beer has a medium to light body.
Aroma: It has soft Clove and banana finish.
Target Audience: It is for white wheat beer lovers that like a cold crisp beer. Also light beer drinkers that want some original interesting flavors .

Meet Our Anglers Ale

An English-bitter Style Ale.
ABV: 5.5% O.G.: 1.048 F.G./: 1.012 I.B.U.: 21
Color: Medium Copper
Body: Medium
Head: Light tan with medium to fine texture
Flavor: Medium caramel malt with a hop presence, finishing hoppy and semi-dry
Aroma: Malty with caramel notes and lightly hopped
Target Audience: The person seeking a pale ale, somewhere between a brown ale and an IPA and of course our friends from the UK.

Meet Our Island Devil

A Belgian Style Ale.
ABV: 7% O.G.: 1.070 F.G: 1.012 I.B.U: 21
Color: Copper
Body: Medium Full
Head: Light tan with a medium to fine texture.
Flavor: Roasted Caramel malt with plum spice and clove notes. Finishing semi-dry.
Aroma: malty and sweet with clove hints
Target Audience: The name says it all. Cheers my friend.

Meet Our Gale Force Ale

An American IPA.
ABV: 5.8% O.G.: 1.058 F.G.: 1.014 I.B.U.: 45.5
Color: Blond
Body: Medium Full
Head: White with medium defined texture
Flavor: Mildly hopped with citrus and malt notes. Finishing semi dry.
Aroma: Hoppy with citrus notes
Target Audience: The person looking for the mildly hopped brew that has all day drinkability ☺

Meet Our Dawg Bizkit

An American Nut Brown Ale
ABV: 5.5% O.G.: 1.048 F.G.: 1.011 I.B.U.: 20
Color: Medium Brown
Body: Medium Full
Head: Light tan with medium to fine texture
Flavor: Roasted caramel and barley with a hint of chocolate. Finishing dry.
Aroma: Sweet and malty with traces of hop
Target Audience: The person that loves full body brews without committing to a high gravity stout.

Meet The Finisher

An American IPA
ABV: 6.5% O.G.: 1.068 F.G.: 1.012 I.B.U.: 59.5
Color: Medium blond
Body: Medium full
Head: White with medium texture
Flavor: Hoppy and crisp with malt hints. Finishing dry.
Aroma: Hoppy/citrus
Target Audience: Serious Hop Head only!

Meet Our Devils Shadow

An American stout ale.
ABV: 6.5% O.G.: 1.054 F.G.: 1.014 I.B.U.: 49.2
Color: Dark Brown
Body: Full
Head: Light tan, medium to fine texture
Flavor: Rich, malty, with chocolate plum notes finishing semi dry

Meet Our Dockhand Porter

An American Porter Stout.
ABV: 7.0% O.G.: 1.062 F.G.: 1.016 I.B.U.: 34.7
Color: Dark brown/black
Body: Full
Head: Tanned with medium texture
Flavor: Rich roasted malt with chocolate notes finishing semi dry
Aroma: Malty with chocolate notes

Anniversary Ale

A light Belgian Style Ale.
ABV: 3.5% O.G.: 1.040 F.G.: 1.010 I.B.U.: 18
Color: Strawberry Blond/ Light Copper
Body: Light
Head: White with medium to fine texture
Flavor: Light malt with spice plum/clove. Finishing Semi-Dry
Aroma: Light malt with hints of spice plum/clove
Target Audience: Lite beer fans that want to try a craft brew.

People Say…

You have an amazing establishment, with wonderful food, excellent beer, background music, service, smiling staff and a nice atmosphere. You are amazing!!!!!


Best beer I think I've ever had. Very fun, amazing, and the beer is cool! Awesome to FINALLY have a consistent place to eat and drink. Have been telling all my friends!!!


We love the food, inviting atmosphere, and especially the beer!  We love coming to visit the brewery whenever we are in the area and getting six-packs of the great brew to bring home.

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