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Kelleys Island Brewery has a great creative journey ahead of it. Doug and I are making plans that will take us to a level that we think the island will be able to support for the next 22 years. We thank you for your continued sustenance of our business. Each time that you walk in our door or up to our window matters to us. . Seeing your faces this summer was more important than words can convey.

This winter we will be recruiting employees, marketing locally and beyond, filling our cottage with happy renters and writing stories that bring people to our shores to share in the unique home we call Kelleys Island.

We meet people from all over the country and they are always intrigued about our little place in the middle of Lake Erie. A story of a little brewery that still makes beer from grain and 3 other ingredients, 200 gallons at a time.

In addition to filling our rentals, and the plans we make to fill our tanks, we will be writing a new Scavenger Hunt, with many of last year’s participants additions. It is a unique way to interact with the island and put your own twist on an outside activity. Thank you for your exuberance and finding the treasure that is Kelleys.

This year we will be adding a Second Act to the Scavenger Hunt. Stay tuned. It will be a game that you and your friends will love…we hope.

We plan to come up the first week of boats and get beer in the tanks earlier than ever before.

Stay tuned for menus, entertainment and lots of opportunities for good times.

Want to rent us for your private event ? Give me an e mail at

We have some fun families planning their reunions already. Limited dates, so give me a call.

Happy New Year….Cheers from Patti and Doug

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