18th Annual Chili Cook-Off

Friday October 13 wasn’t spooky at all. It was the beginning of Chili Cook Off weekend and started with some of our favorite people. Denja!!! Dennis and Kenja and son Michael came over on their maiden voyage from Catawba in their new boat CARI ON (anyone remember that expression ???). Dennis is a National Hammered Dulcimer award winner, and Kenja is an educator. Their son Michael is a soccer enthusiast and also a life guard at a child’s rec center. They were celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary and it was a great way to start the weekend, and book next year’s entertainment.

More Friday’s visitors included Ted and Sue Jannsen from Burton and Mim and Dan. Ted has won the Chili cook off 5 times and comes back to judge for “Chili God’s Favorite” category each year. This year he chose #6, Julie Mack’s chili as his favorite, and so did the Public. They also voted #2 as Most Original…for the second year in a row….and it is the KIB chili!!! The sweet and the spicy seems to get them every time.

We did not have a vegetarian entry this year, so if you have any other suggestions for voting and categories, please feel free to e-mail me,

The event keeps getting better every year, our 10 entries were new this year, with the #10 Mary Sennish, and husband Kyle, bringing some fun life of the party. We were all happy to hang out with some old schoolers, Jane and Becky Overcasher, Mike and Chrissy P and Chellie. Because of the Buckeye Babes and you, we raised $1200 in 3 hours for 2 causes. We will be sending half to Nancy at Island Safe Animal Sanctuary and the other half to a church in Puerto Rico that has a family that is leading large efforts in water and food and basic needs with UNICEF.

Also because of our awesome team, we were able to host a rehearsal dinner for the Shivilak family…and have an extraordinary Chili Cook Off #18.

Thank you for showing up and being part of our favorite fall event.

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